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Hello! We are 3D Factory.

3D printing and manufacturing.

Ordering a 3D printed part is easy. Just upload a file, choose specs, pay and get it at your door step in a few days.

3D modeling and prototyping.

From idea to final product.

Providing best value accros the industry.

Wide variety of 3D plastics.

Galite pasirinkti iš SLA spausdintuvo naudojamos dervos kaip ABS like derva, TPU like – detalė gaunasi lanksti. FDM plastiko: ABS, PLA, PETG, Nylon, PLA+ CF, kompozitinis plastikas.

Quick turn around.

Average order preparation time: 2-3 working days.

Delivery throughout Europe

We have been delivering throughout Europe since January. Delivery time up to 5 days
* Delivery to EU to be agreed in advance.

Get an instant quote

The AI ​​system will provide you a price in a few moments, pay, and you will receive your order in a few days.

Suprantame kliento poreikius

Vulputate gravida nibh egestas.

Team work

Success starts with the team. With us, it is matched like a Swiss watch. Precise teamwork and exceptional staff skills allow us to rise to professional heights with every successful project.

Providing best value for the end user.

Egestas et in facilisis viverra et interdum.

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3D spausdinimo kaina per kelias akimirkas

The new A.I price estimation system

The price is automatically calculated, so you will place the order in a few minutes, without any human intervention. We save you time.

3D spausdinimo sistema